Large Transaction Index (LXI)

All chain transaction tracing
Large transaction monitoring
Index visualization

LXI, based on large transaction movements, monitors blockchain transaction data, converts the complicated transaction movements into an index, and simplifies users’ understanding of the overall market situation.

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Security Situation Monitoring System

Large transaction monitoring
Abnormal transaction warning
Loophole security warning

Real-time security situation monitoring system monitors security situation of all blockchains, analyzes blockchain data automatically in real-time, detects all abnormal transactions, movements, and loophole attacks, and provides warnings to users.Use graphic visualization techniques to show users the overall security situation including threats and abnormalities.

Large transaction destination analysis

Large transaction monitoring
Money flow visualization
Transaction address tagging

Large transaction flow deep analysis is based on big data techniques, to analyze real-time data of blockchain large transactions, and use visualization to show users the overall blockchain large transaction flows.Transaction flow graph can clearly show the dynamic status of money.